Digital Tech for Built Environment's Talent Development

Vanessa Tang

Director, AcePLP

Topic: Careers in the Digital Built Environment

Digital construction has changed our Built Environment. The use of Connected Data Environments, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things improve communication, raise efficiency and help project teams to make better decisions. At the heart of it all is BIM (Building information Models), a service that AcePLP has consistently delivered for clients in the Built Environment. Join us to hear more about careers in the digital Built Environment, alongside the knowledge and skills that are vital in this new economy.

Dr Srilalitha Gopalakrishnan

(President, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) Module Coordinator and Postdoc Researcher, Future Cities Lab Global, Singapore-ETH Centre)

Topic: Urban Science Approach to Designing Future Urban Spaces

Advancements in digital tools and technologies are key drivers to transform how we design and plan cities. The ‘Urban Science’ approach provides new ways of knowing and managing cities more effectively. It leverages digital tools and techniques to develop new knowledge to inform urban development processes. Increasingly, cities are embracing the predictive potential of a science-based approach to address the complex urban challenges of unpredictability and plan future urban spaces that can respond to the evolving needs of its people.

How technologies can provide a sustainable future for industries

Lee Ta Chyang

Senior Director, STMicroelectronics

Topic: We create technology for a sustainable world, in a sustainable way

Sustainability has embedded in ST’s business model and culture for over 25 years. It is integrated in our activities across the whole organization and beyond, as we consider our impact, positive or negative, on our stakeholders, society, and the planet. 

Sustainability at ST means:

  • Creating technology that enables our customers to create sustainable solutions to improve people’s lives
  • Prioritizing people and the planet, minimizing our overall footprint
  • Creating long-term value for stakeholders, shareholders, and partners

In December 2020, we committed to become carbon neutral by 2027. To achieve this ambitious target, we have built a comprehensive program looking at all aspects of our business and operations.

Aaqib Alvi

Country Manager, Sustainable Living Lab

Topic: Technology encroachment in the Future of Jobs

This topic explores how technology is impacting the job market and workforce. Learn about the changing skills in demand and the potential consequences such as job displacement, as well as opportunities for growth & productivity. Understand the role students can play in managing technological changes and how to leverage technology for a more inclusive and prosperous future of work.

The talk will focus through applied emerging technology (mainly AI and Sustainability) use-cases from various fields in Chemicals, Food, Health Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, and how the need for upskilling with emerging technology is vital, no matter which field the student belongs to.

Data-driven Economy as the Future: Skills to Future Proof Your Career

Win Myint Aung

Senior Engineer, SMRT Corporation Ltd

Topic: Future proof your career in SMRT

SMRT has become a common commute by all in Singapore. In the Data-driven economy of the future, what future careers are available and what skill sets are needed to be prepared for them? The speaker will shed some light on his exciting journey since he took up position with SMRT Power Maintenance team in 2019.

Irene Boey

Data Strategist & Consulting Director, Integral Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd

Topic: What is data mining and what skills to be equipped to do data mining?

Data mining is a process used by companies to turn raw data into useful information. By using software to look for patterns in large batches of data, businesses can learn more about their customers to develop more effective marketing strategies, increase sales and decrease costs. Ms Irene Boey is no stranger to this field and she has been involved in it for more than 20 years. What kept her going?

Alan Ho

Vice President of International Marketing, DataStax

Topic: Operating with speed and scale is a business imperative. Are you ready for this?

Businesses must navigate an unpredictable market, with pressure to deliver results faster than ever in order to remain competitive

Successful Commercial Use Cases of AR and VR Technology: From Retail to Gaming and Beyond

Ronnie Chin

Creative Director, AMC Studio

Topic: Successful Commercial Use Cases of AR and VR Technology: From Retail to Gaming and Beyond

AR and VR technology have been successfully used in multiple industries, such as retail, gaming, and education. Retailers use AR to enhance customer experience, allowing them to try on clothes, makeup, and more, all whilst online. In gaming, VR creates immersive experiences for players. The metaverse, a virtual world for socializing, working, and shopping, is also gaining popularity. Virtual influencers, digital characters used to promote products, are also a successful commercial use case. Their potential is expected to continue growing in the future.

Charting a Successful Career Path for the Future

Amanda Lee

Director, Prospect Resourcing (Asia) Pte Ltd

Topic: Managing your career

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward,” Steve Jobs said. “You can only connect them looking backward.” But when you are at the beginning of your career, it can be challenging to know how to navigate the right future career and life decisions for you. Come hear from an SP alumni who has pivoted her career and now leads the Asia business for a successful recruitment agency. She will share her personal journey, learnings and answer your questions.

Brice Degeyter

Founder, Director and General Manager, Bizsu

Topic: How aircon became vital and we should all pay attention to it

From one of the motors of the country’s development, it became a strong emitter of carbon emissions. Can we live without aircon? How did we do historically? Can nature help us design the aircon of tomorrow? To this latter, the answer is yes!
With bioengineering and business acumen, we will see how this is possible and which solutions already exist today, even in SG.

Vikas Verma

Head of Strategic HR, United Overseas Bank

Topic: The Future of Work is the Present

Future of work is no longer some prediction about the future. While it started a few years back, it picked up momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s accelerating as we speak. In this session we will explore, what does “the future of work” mean to us as organizations, job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Maritime Sustainability and Decarbonisation

Dr Shahrin Osman

(Regional Head of Maritime Advisory, Director, Maritime Decarbonisation & Autonomy CoE (Singapore/Asia-Pac), DNV Maritime Region S.E.A., Pacific & India )

Topic: Digitalisation in the Maritime Sector

Increased digitalisation requires not just the physical presence of seafarer, but also the skills to understand the interface with the shore-based control center.

From a fleet-based perspective, a shore-based control center would address the needs of an organisation to achieve operational optimisation and safety. The developments in maritime digitalisation create both challenges and opportunities for the Future of Work for seafarers and shore-based maritime personnel.

Capt Hari Subramaniam

Vice President; Nautical Institute (Singapore), Regional Head of Business Relations – The Shipowners Club

Topic: Sustainability and Decarbonisation – How green is our shipping?

Sustainability and Decarbonisation seems to be at the tip of everyone’s lips. What are industry leaders like UN, IMO, Flag State and NI doing to achieve the goals?  


Does decarbonisation alone mean being sustainable? How much a role does Alternate/dual fuels, ship recycling, voyage optimization and other such initiatives play and do they make a significant impact/contribution?


What is ESG and what can we do together (shipboard and shore based) for making our seafarers, our industry, and our world sustainable? 


ICT and Applications for Transforming Businesses

Eileen Tan

Partner, Stone Forest IT Pte Ltd

Topic: Key Digital Trends and Skills in Year 2023

This session will share the latest trends in digital transformation for businesses. Common challenges that businesses may face when preparing for or implementing initiatives about digital transformation will be examined.

Maxim Tint

Founder and CEO, Gtriip

Topic: “How will I fIT?” – Opportunities and Trends of a Technology Career in the Digital Economy

With the future of our economy going digital, there seems to be plenty of exciting opportunities to explore for fresh graduates. As fresh entrants into the workforce, there is fear of suitability and readiness for a career in the digital economy. Come hear from SP Alumnus Mr Maxim Tint as he shares about the highs and the lows of his career journey as well as what you could look forward to as you prepare to fit into a career in the digital future.