SP Alliance & Network is a unit under InP (Department of Industry and Partnerships) which aims to:

– Connect SP’s extensive resources and network to each other in order to create value exchange for all stakeholders.
– Cultivate an active interaction between SP, Industry Partners and Alumni such that deep and long term partnerships/collaborations are forged.

Strategic partnerships are important: that is why SP aims to establish and build a network of alumni and business alliances. Bringing together SP’s extensive resources, SPAN cultivates active interaction between SP, industry partners, agencies, and alumni to forge lasting strategic partnerships. Our Business Network builds a community of practice and lets enterprises access vital resources such as market insights and business opportunities. Building strategic partnerships and setting key objectives help SP and our partners make the most of each other’s strengths, achieving dual success.

Academic Schools

• School of Architecture & the Built Environment (ABE)
• School of Business (SB)
• School of Chemical and Life Sciences (CLS
• School of Computing (SoC)
• School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
• School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (MAE)
• School of Mathematics and Science (MS)
• Media, Arts & Design (MAD)
• School of Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA)
• School of Lifeskills & Communication (LSC)

Consultancy Centres

• Advanced Manufacturing Centre
• Business Innovation Centre
• Data Science & Analytics Centre
• Digital Building Innovation Centre
• Centre for Environmental Sustainability
& Energy Efficiency
• User Experience Centre (UXC)

Technology Centres

• 5G & AIoT Centre
• Advanced Materials Technology Centre
• Centre Of Excellence In Maritime Safety
• Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre
• Food Innovation & Resource Centre
• Immersive Experience Technology Centre

The SP Entrepreneurship Committee

• School of Business
• Media, Arts & Design
• School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• School of Chemical and Life Sciences
• School of Lifeskills & Communication
• School of Computing


• The Professional and Adult Continuing
Education Academy

SPAN Alumni